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The Spoon




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  1. This is beautiful! I love the strong voice; lines like “Refrain the cold squirrel” or “Release the Winter” are both assertive and inviting.

    There are some other lines I really like to, especially “Forming only because they were unformed”. I think the line that comes after it could be stronger if it would be more direct, something like “Unforming because they were formed” — the un-so is a abstract and the repeated words would give a nice cadence I think.

    Anyways, it’s a wonderful piece. Would love to hear you read it sometime!

    • Thank you Evan!

      Your feedback is so appreciated.. And confirms some of my feelings about that last section!

      PS. I love how easily writings are engaged with through this forum! <3


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The Spoon

Like The Spoon dancing

       acrobatics in the air

Refrain the cold Squirrel

       diplomatic on the road

Release the Winter, perched

       erratic on the year

Resist the Present, point

       hermetic on the scale —


And dance

With no mind as to

Why you started or when

Now and forever

Untroubled with the Fall, 

The splintering of 

Temporal aims and

Nomadic stalagmites —

Forming only because they were unformed

Unforming because they were formed

The ephemeral continuity of

One spoon dropping, only to be picked up

And then —